Jeanologia and Anish India Exports launch women-led 100% sustainable garment finishing plant

 Jeanologia and AIE’s 5.Zero plant is the world’s first eco-efficient operational centre fully managed by women, the businesses announced in a press release. The initiative aims to simultaneously ameliorate the Indian textile industry and support women’s employment and equal access.  “Our goal is that diversity in leadership is not only healthy for the business, but also that women can show their full creative potential and empower them throughout the company,” said AIE laundry head Ishita Tandon in a press release. 

The plant guarantees zero discharge and 85% water savings, according to the businesses. The approach is part of ‘Mission Zero’ which aims to, “dehydrate and detoxify the denim industry by 2025,” said Jeanologia.  “We believe in business as a force for good,” said Jeanologia’s marketing director Carmen Silla in a press release. “Our technologies create an ethical, sustainable, and eco-efficient blue jeans industry and we found in AIE the perfect match on this transformation journey.” Jeanologia and AIE have worked together for over two decades in India. Jeanologia launched in 1994 and offers garment finishing technologies with a focus on making the textile industry more eco-friendly. AIE launched in 1983 and has a global presence in apparel design, manufacturing, and retail. 

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